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  • [News Aggregation] The meaning of the fan model Time:2012-08-01 17:11:31 Click:138

    The first position on behalf of fans, high temperature use W F preservative B explosion-proof ... Pressure characteristics of the second position on behalf of fans high-pressure eight high-pressure 6 pressure 5 four low-pressure and three...

  • [News Aggregation] Quality rice fresh dry method of Time:2012-08-01 17:08:16 Click:84

    The newly harvested rice, moisture 20% ~ 30%, and order to the storage and transport of a longer period of time, it must be dry. Dry, but in our country with the largest or the oldest natural drying method. It requires simple equipment, en...

  • [News Aggregation] Effect study of the prevention and control of different posi Time:2012-08-01 17:08:03 Click:187

    China's grain reserves are highest in the world, combined with China's grain reserve is a long time a huge amount of food each year due to pest losses [1]. Since the introduction of phosphine from Germany since the early 1960s, chemical co...

  • [News Dynamic] News test Time:2012-08-01 17:07:47 Click:101


  • [News Dynamic] Axial and centrifugal fans ventilation comparative test Time:2012-08-01 17:07:31 Click:169

    Technology of mechanical ventilation in the country to promote the use of more than two decades, played an important role to reduce the grain temperature, inhibition or prevention of stored grain pests and microorganisms, is a low-temperat...

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