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The National Food Authority public food pest "green rec

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Recently, the National Food Authority on food work for the People's Network users in the "two sessions" hot issues patiently and carefully answers, This is the second of the National Food Authority "People's ministries leadership message board users a message, focus reply. Previously, the National Food Authority stabilize food prices and strengthen market supervision issues specifically respond to the People's Network users.
    People's friends Message: storage of food is a big difficult for our farmers, the national grain storage grain storage pest control work in general than we do better than. Ask the Secretary, the National Grain Depot has the secret of what pest, can give you promote?
    National Food Authority response: the national grain storage pest to pay attention to "green, safe. There are a few "secret", the principle can be used for the family. The first is confined nitrogen hypoxia insecticide. Specific methods: First, the use of 2L capacity Coke or Sprite, plastic bottles, washed with water, dry control. Home rice, millet, sorghum, rice, corn ballast, green beans and other legumes, barley kernels, oatmeal, buckwheat, etc. into the bottle, then tighten the cap, closed. Grain breathing bottle of oxygen consumption is reduced, reaches a certain level (about 5% concentration or less), grain pests due to chronic hypoxia and suffocation; grain pests outside pests can not enter the bottle hazard. The method is simple, safe, insecticidal pest control effect. The second is food-grade inert powder physical wear and tear pests joint insecticide. Research Institute developed the National Food Authority food-grade inert powder placed in containers (jars or plastic bags, etc.), pest activity within the food, all kinds of food mixed with the aforementioned inert powder particles will enter the pests each limb joints, wear section of the interosseous membrane, a large number of pests humoral outflow, pests soon die. Per kilogram of food of food-grade inert powder was added to 0.05g-0.15g. Edible food, washed 2 times, you can wash the vast majority of food-grade inert powder. In addition, insect free grain into sealed plastic bag, then into the refrigerator freezer for one day, can kill pests. To come up with food from the freezer, first at room temperature for recovery at room temperature, then remove from the plastic bag.

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