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Circulation the fumigation circulation fumigation Membrane c

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Circulation fumigation system is a grain storage theory, the theory of aerodynamic circulation, chemical control theory, the use of microcomputer control technology, in strict accordance with national

GB/T17913-1999 standard manufacturing a system functions, security, performance, and the ideal of the insecticidal effect of the high degree of automation, high-tech storage and environmentally friendly products. 

Circulation fumigation divided into fixed and mobile systems according to the circulation pipe fixed. The fixed pipe fixed on the silo wall (fixed in position in the outer wall of the outer circulation, fixed

 Position in the inner wall of the internal circulation), mobile, cited the air volume of the gas pipeline to adjust the valve to the silo wall and fan and the outlet air flow balance adjustment device is installed in the mobile car (Mobile circulation machine) on. Cited gas pipeline and the circulation between the hose connection.

Circulation fumigation system according to the grain surface located the pipeline can be divided into a whole warehouse circulation fumigation and membrane circulation fumigation. Circulation fumigation of grain surface in the entire warehouse is not spreading the plastic film, smoked 

Body steam cycle in the space above the grain surface and grain bulk composition of the entire warehouse, this approach is used to the tightness good barn. Membrane circulation fumigation is the laying of pipes under the grain surface, 

Grain surface covered with plastic film, fumigation gas circulation within the grain mass below the grain surface, apply to the warehouse of tightness conditions. 

Mainly the air tightness of new positions and old warehouse, installed in the grain surface circulation piping, closed grain surface film, fumigation plastic film. Saving drugs




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