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Quality rice fresh dry method of

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The newly harvested rice, moisture 20% ~ 30%, and order to the storage and transport of a longer period of time, it must be dry. Dry, but in our country with the largest or the oldest natural drying method. It requires simple equipment, energy saving, economical, but dry conditions difficult to control and prone to exposure or dry water is too low, resulting in a paddy crack grain increased, rice, broken rice rate, thereby affecting the quality of rice. Jianwei, Xu Runqi natural drying dry conditions through research and experiments on the rice harvest, and rice crack percentage done some studies have reported [1-4]. They survey found that rice dried to a moisture of 12.5%, its crack up to 47%. Their experiments found that the drying drying too fast, more than 1.2% water / h precipitation rate, the crack rate greatly increased. These dry conditions, farmers difficult to master. Combined in recent years, many rural labor migrant rice harvest season, the lack of labor, but also hard to find dry site, so many farmers are willing to harvest after the rice to sell, even if the price is low, do not want to self-dry and then sell, this is undoubtedly increased dry burden of the granary.
     Another drying method is the dryer heating drying method is mainly used for the drying of the northern high-moisture corn, but in our country, with less rice drying because the drying machine is a high temperature rapid drying machine, use it to bake Rice is not only the crack percentage increase, but also seriously affect the quality and taste. Department of Commerce, Science and Technology Information Institute [7], [5] travel marine, Liu Ping to [6] on foreign, especially Japanese rice dryer done reports. Reported that, for rice dryer, low-temperature slow dryer, medium temperature should not exceed 50 ° C rice temperature should not exceed 35 ° C, in the role of the large amount of ventilation, drying out the rice in order to ensure quality. In recent years, Japan and Taiwan, domestic joint venture to produce such a low temperature slow dryer for sale, such as "three years" brand dryer, but this dryer production is very low, can not meet the needs of the treasury dry food , and the cost is also high. In the 1960s, some foreign farm and warehouses began to use the dry position in new revenue position influx of food in the warehouse for drying, and storage Tibet, and later this drying method is called "positions dry . " This drying method is simple, economic, and do not have to purchase price is considerable, but the use of very short period of mechanical drying equipment, only the use of grain storage ventilation and air heater can. This approach also reduces the number of transportation links, reducing the food grain breakage and loss, thereby reducing the drying cost. But it also has more serious drawback is the up and down the grain layer dry and uneven, and too dry the lower and the upper dry in place. Overhead, etc. [8] with the drying method on the position of the South rice drying test, achieve better results, but there are still a dry layer of the upper and lower grain and uneven.

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