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Effect study of the prevention and control of different posi

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China's grain reserves are highest in the world, combined with China's grain reserve is a long time a huge amount of food each year due to pest losses [1]. Since the introduction of phosphine from Germany since the early 1960s, chemical control become the primary means of stored grain pest control, phosphine has played an active role [2] in the prevention and treatment of stored grain pest hazards, reduce the loss of stored grain losses. But for a long time also led to pest resistance and the hazards of human, animal research and the application of advanced grain storage pest control technology to improve the level of pest control [3], the development of green grain storage to protect the ecological and food security has become an important strategic objectives [4], the development of green grain storage pest control technology to become China's grain storage technology development direction of the 21st century China's grain storage implementation of sustainable development in reducing the grain storage losses, to maintain food quality, ensure food security and protecting the environment of great significance. Inert powder is stable nature and difficult to produce the chemical reaction of powdered substances, such as diatomaceous earth, kaolin, ash, Longkang ash, tricalcium phosphate, zeolite powder. The past 10 years studies have shown that the inert powder for its low toxicity, chemical residues and environmental pollution and other characteristics gradually become an important means of stored grain pest control, in line with food security, green storage needs, especially for the rural Chu grain pests, has opened a new way, is a huge research and development of value and broad application prospects of natural pesticides




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