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Deng Yiwu, deputy director of the Henan Province For summer

Time:2016-05-23 16:54 Author:admin Click:
After the 2016 May 5 to 7, national grain bureau leading Party group members, deputy director of Yi Wu Deng in Zhengzhou, Henan chaired a national food stocks to check the relevant state departments joint inspection mobilization training conference, then to Henan Province of summer acquisition preparation, inspection of food stocks and safe storage and production safety, etc. investigation supervision. During Yi Wu Deng Comrade to listen to reports on the situation of the Grain Bureau of Henan Province, grain in Henan Branch, and other relevant departments and units, went to the fields and Xinyang City Grain and oil reserve depot in Taurus, Pingqiao Minggang National Grain Reserve Depot, Zhumadian City, an abundance of grain and Oil Co., Ltd. and Feng Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd., enterprises engaged in grain purchasing and storage, field understand production of summer grain crops and the progress of work, and the local government, the relevant departments, enterprises on behalf of discussion, listen to the opinions and suggestions.
Yi Wu Deng Comrade of Henan Province in the summer grain purchase preparation, inspection of food stocks and safe storage and production safety, etc. the work give the full affirmation. He stressed that this year's grain purchasing and storage is facing tremendous pressure, new grain market soon, food departments at all levels and the grain enterprise must from the point of view of the political situation of the height of the performance of their duties, focusing purchasing and storage of grain and grain storage safety, take effective measures, do everything possible to expansion increased storage, to ensure the smooth progress of the work, to avoid farmers sell grain difficult ", protect the farmers enthusiasm. One is to attach great importance to the acquisition of summer work. To strengthen the organization and leadership, the responsibility of the compaction of the local government and the food sector, through the reasonable layout of acquisition of outlets, constantly tapping existing available storage capacity, make full use of social Cang, effectively solve the storage capacity gap. To strengthen supervision and inspection, thorough investigation of all kinds of illegal behavior, to maintain a good market order of acquisition. To fully grasp the dynamic acquisition of summer, strengthen policy guidance and information services. Two is to strictly enforce the national grain purchase policy. Requirements food enterprises and effectively improve the acquisition of service level, strict implementation of the "fifth five are not allowed" takeover code, prevent to farmers "IOUs, ensure that farmers have corn to sell that, to ensure national food acquisition policy put in place. The three is to earnestly inspection and safety of grain storage and safety inventory. Strengthen supervision of food stocks, actively do a good job of departmental checks; strict implementation of safe storage and safe production rules and regulations, take effective measures to ensure that the inventory of food safety of summer flood season and avoid moldy food, bad food, ensure food inventory true quantity, good quality and safe storage of. The four is to speed up the reform, and vigorously develop the grain industry economy. Support and encourage food processing and other multiple subjects actively enter the market, the promotion of grain production and purchase of storage and marketing integration of the whole industry chain business model, and promote the economic development of grain industry.
Henan Provincial Food Bureau, the State Grain Bureau supervision and inspection department responsible comrades accompanied to participate in the supervision of research.
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