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The new grain storage technology has a significant effect on

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hree ways of grain storage
In order to ensure the quality of the rotation of grain, the central reserve grain rotation must be tested before the quality of the standard can be rotated
The new year after the listing of China's grain, mainly through the policy of grain, grain storage and turnover of enterprises in three ways to store household food stocks.
At present, China's farmers to achieve about 500000000000 kilograms of grain per year, accounting for about 50% of the country's total grain output. Farmers stored grain is mainly used for self consumption, some new agricultural grain storage facilities of large grain, family farms and other business entities have generally stage of food stocks, through the wrong sales, as far as possible to achieve maximum benefits.
In order to meet the need of food processing, the turnover of the enterprises is mainly to meet the needs of grain processing. New grain a year on the market, food processing enterprises will be in accordance with the market price of the acquisition of new grain storage, storage period of up to one year, the new grain will be listed before the storage of food processing into the market. In recent years, due to a variety of factors, food processing enterprises generally operating difficulties, in order to reduce storage costs, some of the food processing enterprises reduced the number of grain purchase, they often through the grain wholesale market auction obtained part of the starving.
Currently on the market circulation of grain and part is from the policy of grain storage, consisting of the national grain reserves and temporary storage of national grain, storage period is generally more than a year.
The national reserve grain is divided into the central reserve grain and the local grain reserve, the central reserve grain right belongs to the central government, and the local grain reserve is divided into three levels of reserve grain, the city and the county. In order to ensure the quality and safety of grain reserves, grain reserves to be periodically rotated out of the library, the rotation time according to regional differences are different. In accordance with the central reserve grain and oil rotation management approach (Trial), the central reserve grain storage life, the production time calculation, according to the regional different storage time is different. The Yangtze River area to the south, rice storage period for 2 to 3 years, wheat from 3 to 4 years, corn from 1 to 2 years, beans from 1 to 2 years; Yangtze River to the north, rice storage period for 2 to 3 years, three to five years of wheat, corn 2 to 3 years, beans 1 to 2 years. In order to ensure the quality of the rotation of grain, the central reserve grain rotation must be tested before the quality of the standard can be rotated.
Chen Hualiang is not ready
With the extension of storage time, especially beyond the normal storage period, even without fever, insect, mildew, and food still exist aging natural phenomenon
How to effectively distinguish between the new grain, Chen Liang and Chen of the food it? Whether it is the old aged grain?
Experts told reporters that the stale is not a food industry standard statement is society of non current food production of new a collectively. In the process of grain storage, the storage quality was obviously decreased, and the grain, wheat and corn, which were not directly used as food, were generally not suitable for the food. Chen and appropriate, belonging to the grain storage quality indexes of the deposit, not storage, mycotoxins, pesticide residue, heavy metal content belongs to food security indicators. Storage quality index and food safety index are two independent systems, the former is used to determine whether food is still suitable for storage, the latter is used to determine whether the food is poisonous and harmful. Should not be stored or Chen does not mean that can not be eaten, the key depends on whether food safety indicators exceeded.
It is understood that before 2007, the grain storage quality determination rules will be divided into grain and oil storage quality should be stored grain and oil, should not be stored grain and oil and aging grain. In 2007, the relevant state departments jointly issued "on the implementation of" grain storage quality decision rule of "national standard of notice", rice, corn, wheat storage quality index adjustment is appropriate deposit, deposit and mild not and severe should not be stored, the concept of Chen Hualiang to cancel this.
Experts said that the grain aging is a natural phenomenon. Food is life, with the extension of storage time, especially beyond the normal storage period, even without fever, insect, mildew, there are still aging natural phenomenon, mainly for edible quality and use quality decline, serious aging of color, smell and taste significantly worse. Determine whether the grain aging, mainly is the color, smell, taste, and value of fatty acid edible quality index, food can for people to eat should to determine health indicators, rather than to judge the quality of storage, non aged grain does not conform to the requirements for health indicators also can not eat.
Storage technology continues to improve
With the grain storage technology upgrading, China's grain storage concept is changing, is to "green, ecological, intelligent, efficient" eco stored grain development
With the grain storage technology, China's grain quality have improved significantly. Reporter in the interview learned that throughout all over the country central reserve grain depot, local grain reserve depot and grain processing enterprises in the grain depot, widely used in mechanical ventilation, recirculation fumigation, grain cooling and grain monitoring four "synthetic" grain storage technology, effectively solve the grain storage in mildew preservation, pest control and other issues. According to estimates, using this technology, the central grain reserves loss rate from 4% down to less than 1%, suitable storage rate increased from 70% to 99%, chemical storage usage reduced by 80%.
Seamless supervision of the storage of food is an important means to ensure the quality of grain storage. Anhui modern food logistics center deputy director Ge Liang told reporters that they are in storage, warehousing, warehousing and storage period, the food quality and storage quality and strict inspection. In order to ensure that the grain storage is a new grain, the acquisition of food
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