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The measures for the administration of food strategic issues

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The measures for the administration of food strategic issues research projects (for Trial Implementation)

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 in order to implement the State Council on the "to strengthen the food (including edibleoil, the same below) of the" strategic requirements, project of grain strategic issues ofstandardized management, improve the level and quality of food to study strategic issues, to better serve the deepening of the grain circulation system reform, the development of the modern grain circulation industry and the protection of national food security the need, themeasures are hereby formulated.

Second food strategic research by the National Bureau of food policy and regulation departmentis responsible for the specific organization and implementation.

Third food strategic research project evaluation and other related work, is responsible by theState Administration of grain soft scientific review committee of experts.

Fourth food strategic research projects for the public tender. Every year in January to determine the project bidding and project completion; March; preliminary research project 9 completed before the end of the unit, the final results of research projects submitted before the end of 11;the research project completion before the end of 12.

The second chapter project selection

The fifth research projects subject to the problems of theory and practice, closely around thegrain circulation, adhere to the basic theoretical research and applied research unifies,highlighting the strategic, pay attention to, reflect the timeliness. Conclusions and recommendations, should have not only the operation of the actual work, play a guiding and reference, and forward-looking, has the guiding sense to the long-term development of the grain work.

The sixth research projects subject, as determined by the State Administration of grain.According to the selected topic significance and the application value of the research project is divided into key projects, and general project two, the undertaking unit of the projects funded by different standards, each of which is the key project supported by 10 to 120000 yuan, eachsupported by 6 to 80000 yuan.

The seventh research projects at the same time the project topic is the direction of research,project bidding units in the project, according to the research direction and focus on specific topics, custom.

The third chapter of the project

Article eighth the State Grain Administration in accordance with the principle of fair competition,merit based support, take the tender notice issued, the relevant units declared to the organization, comprehensive evaluation, merit selection procedures. Who meet the eligibility criteria of the unit, can be alone or in combination with the declaration.

The ninth research projects bidding for scientific research units, universities and other research institutions and units, not for personal. The person in charge of the project should meet the following conditions:

1 have senior professional titles. Do not have senior professional titles, there must be the sameareas have written recommendation is senior professional titles.

2 strong organization and coordination ability, have a solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience, a good basis for further study in the research field of the declaration of the project.

3 have completed research projects of the material and technical conditions, means and time guarantee.

4 in charge of the project must be the project of the real organizers and instructors of the implementation of the whole process, assume substantial research work. Nominal or assume substantial research work personnel shall not as a project manager for project.

Declaration to encourage senior professional and technical titles of the young and middle-aged academic backbone, senior management personnel and food policy research practical experience of the staff involved in the project.

Tenth project bidding units based on the advantages of their own choice, fill in the "applicationproject of strategic issues of National Food Authority grain" (Annex), according to the biddingannouncement National Bureau of food policy and regulations of our time at. A unit of thedeclaration of a research project.

Eleventh the State Grain Bureau organized experts to review the project, according to the assessment results to determine the merit of the successful bidder, bid winning notice issued.

The fourth chapter of project management

Twelfth research projects should be included in the tender after the research plan, and ensure the implementation of the project.

Thirteenth in charge of the project from project approval notice, shall determine the researchprogram and the specific implementation plan as soon as possible, the organization to carry outresearch work in a month, and timely implementation plan and proposal submitted to the StateGrain Bureau of policy and regulation department. Policy and regulation department responsible for understanding the research progress of the project.

Fourteenth research project by project, will be allowed to change the contents of the projectwithout approval.

Article fifteenth in any of the following circumstances, by the National Food Authority cancel theproject.

1 research achievements have serious political problems;

Results 2 plagiarism, falsification;

3 the results of academic research of inferior quality;

4 based on research results of the past or other subject instead of the research results of the project;

5 with the approval of the project design of serious discrepancies;

6 can not be completed research projects on schedule;

7 is a serious violation of the financial system.

Article sixteenth any withdrawal of State Grain Administration of the research project, in charge of the project shall be the National Food Authority grain strategic issues for research projects in the next two years.

The fifth chapter of project evaluation and results based management

The seventeenth research projects should be responsible for in the year before the end of 9 to complete the preliminary research project, submitted to the State Bureau of grain policy and regulation department, the State Administration of grain soft scientific review committee of experts for the trial.

Eighteenth in charge of the project according to the opinions of preliminary examination, the research project to further revise and improve, and submitted to the State Council department of laws and regulations policy of grain in the year before the end of 11 will be the final research results, by the National Food Authority Soft Science Evaluation Expert Committee for appraisal.

The nineteenth research projects of the National Food Authority property for all research results,without the consent of the State Administration of grain, not published.

Twentieth the National Food Authority has the right to study the results of the project are compressed, refinement and adaptation, and the formation of the assembly reference.

The sixth chapter funds management

Twenty-first food strategic research project funds management in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of grain for the financial management.

Twenty-second research funding allocated according to project schedule etc..

The twenty-third project is not up to the requirements of the National Food Authority, finance department will be based on the evaluation opinions of the expert committee or the relevant provisions, the deduction of project funds.

The seventh chapter supplementary articles

This the twenty-fourth method during the period of execution, if necessary, by the National Food Authority to amend, or to "the measures for the administration of the Supplementary Provisions"issued.

This the twenty-fifth method by the State Council shall be responsible for the interpretation of the policy and regulation department of food.


Twenty-sixth the implementation of these measures from the date of issuance.

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