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          Henan Jin Ming automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in grain and oil storage machinery research and design, development and manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning of the high-tech company, is Chinese Grain Reserve Management Corporationdesignated supplier. Relying on Henan University of Technology (Zhengzhou grain College) well-known experts and technical advantages, and the establishment of long-term technical cooperation mechanism of domestic food sciences, company to implement people-oriented,scientific and technological innovation strategy, to enable enterprises to gradually develop into a first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class products, first-class quality, first-class reputation, high-tech high-tech enterprises class image of the enterprise, and constantly improve the visibility, the technical level of walking in the forefront of the same trade.

        The company is based on the talent, establish a strong design team with rich experience ofsenior engineering and technical personnel, formed a responsive, advanced and reliableproduct development system. A comprehensive summary of years of technical experience and absorb the manufacturing of food products, digestion and absorption of the domestic latest technology, development and production of a series of fumigation equipment, ventilation equipment, pest control equipment, local granary grain monitoring and intelligent processing equipment, ventilation equipment, ventilation and water and energy saving equipment,temperature compensation and cold temperature storage system, oxygen filling nitrogen storageequipment, import warehouse equipment and storage equipment, established a perfectproduction technology, security system, with perfect testing methods, the company has all kinds of scientific and technological design, grain storage equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning and turnkey project strength and strength.

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