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Movable lifting bagging machine




LCG type storage bag filling machine


This equipment due to adjustable height can be widely used in a variety of new and old grainwarehouse bulk grain import warehouse operation, operation is simple, portable and practical. A warehouse can realize the mechanization of bulk grain, the outlet can be connected directly withgunny bag, can be connected with a belt conveyor. Yield than traditional bagging machinenearly doubled, so as to improve the efficiency of bulk grain storehouse.

Performance characteristics

Because the equipment convenient operation, can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, saving labor costs.

1, feed box hydraulic lifting way to change the height of the whole, overcomes suchshortcomings can not adjust the height of fixed equipment, to adapt to the new and oldwarehouse warehouse import operation.

2, the product material has anti blocking function, to control the motor through the level sensingmaterial box material position, when the material box material position reaches a certain position when the motor stops working, solves the problem of plugging material burning motor.

Technical parameters

The range of the electrical           power                  source output          adjustable height


          20--50T/H                   50HZ AC380V±15%       2.2--3KW                 0--640mm

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