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Intelligent mobile type gastightness measurement


CQM-2 intelligent gastightness measurement device


CQM-2 intelligent gastightness measurement device is my company developed an exclusiveairtightness of the warehouse standard production equipment for determination, it is composed of a vehicle body, fan, micro pressure sensor, air valve, control instrument, timer and connecting hose, connecting flange, sampling tube etc.. Determination of warehouse, mainly applicable toall kinds of new construction and renovation of silo, silo etc. The gas-tightness of the.

Performance characteristics

With convenient operation, universal mobile warehouse, accurate measurement, automatic detection and display the half-life etc.. You can set the upper limit of the pressure, so as to avoidthe problem of damage caused by high pressure barn. It solves the gas-tightness of grain depothas existed for a long time can not be measured accurately the problem, is the standard air tightness testing equipment of old and new grain ideal, has applied for patent protection.

Technical parameters

Fan 4-72-12No3.6A

The wind pressure 989-1579Pa

Air volume 2664-5268m fand /h

The power of 3KW

Ventilation tube diameter 160mm

The weight of 110Kg

Size 1500 * 750 * 760mm (length * width * height)


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