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CZFK-200 type portable intelligent ventilation


CZFK-200 type portable intelligent ventilation control instrument

Product application

This product is design patent products according to China's food warehouse intelligent ventilation requirements, mainly by the data acquisition module, data analysis module, control output module and execution module. Its function is through the acquisition of grain temperature and grain moisture data and environmental temperature and humidity data, through the dataanalysis module, real-time calculation analysis and comparison to determine whether theventilation fan, so as to control the opening and closing time, precipitation, water retention andventilation ventilation to achieve the purpose of ventilation, shelf life. Is the grain product realization of key technology of intelligent ventilation.

Performance characteristics

1, the product with a large screen color touch screen display, simple operation, convenient carrying.

2, can effectively reduce the energy consumption of ventilation, save storage cost.

3, can effectively improve the quality of food grain storage engineering.

4, can fully realize the intelligent ventilation technology.

Technical parameters


Power supply: 220V * * * control contacts: AC380V5A protection grade: IP23


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