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The new energy-saving strong axial flow fan



The new energy-saving strong axial flow fan


Fan grain for ventilation and cooling usually have a centrifugal fan and axial flow fan two.Centrifugal fan with axial fan, high pressure in the same quantity. Equipped with large power, forventilation makes centrifugal fan, its energy consumption and water loss is higher.

Ordinary axial flow fan is usually used for the ventilation system of large air flow and low resistance. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, low energy consumption.Because the pressure is low, often only for row heat accumulation product small granary wet and slow cooling and ventilation, ventilation and cooling time is too long, easy to miss the bestopportunity of ventilation, have great limitations.

For my company the latest research and development of new energy-saving strong axial flow fanseries to compensate for the lack of common axial flow fan, and the air pressure is high, and has a higher efficiency than the centrifugal fan, better stability and reliability, smaller size and weight.Has more advantages in energy saving ventilation in granary.

Performance characteristics

Strong axial flow fan is three dimensional flow theory to the design of energy-saving fan withmeridian acceleration, compared with the traditional centrifugal fan, the fan efficiency was increased more than 10%~25%;

The same ventilation effect than the centrifugal fan to reduce power consumption by 2~3 times,can effectively replace the centrifugal fan;

When the ventilation and cooling without decreasing grain moisture content, pressure into the ventilation heating effect on airflow is greatly less than the centrifugal fan, ventilation and coolingspeed;

Good ventilation effect, high permeation rate, grain temperature is not easy to rebound;

Small size, low noise, light weight, easy to move, can be placed on the use of wind crossing orgable;

Fan blade for aluminum alloy impeller motor adopts the high quality electric motor, closed system, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, fumigation can meet the working environment.

S type bidirectional ventilation parameters remained unchanged, which can meet the reverseventilation operation form.

Technical parameters

Name type quantity (M fand /h) (Pa) wind power (KW) efficiency (%)

Bidirectional energy saving water preserving fan CZFY-315S 5000~6500 1.1 300~370 89.7

Bidirectional energy saving water preserving fan CZFY-400S 8500~9200 1.5 400~470 89.7

Energy saving water strong fan CZFY-315 5100~8100 590~790 2.290

Energy saving water strong fan CZFY-400 7200~12000 760~1100 494


Energy saving water strong fan CZFY-450 8200~15000 630~1750 7.590

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