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The steel floor ventilation cage


The steel floor ventilation cage


For the grain bulk food warehouse ventilation


400 x 260 x 1000500 x 345 x 1000

Performance characteristics

1, air distributor pass (double bridge, Kai scale type) with novel structure, beautiful shape, the opening rate of up to 25-35%, on the whole ventilation duct has good uniformity, good strength,can withstand the food and artificial food import on pressure.

2, according to the different needs of ventilation, flexible change branch duct spacing, length and number, adjust the layout of air duct.

3, strong interchangeability, good air duct assembly tight, firm connection, good integrity, anti extrusion, no leakage of grain.

4, surface treated with antioxidant. The ability of PH3 corrosion resistance, long service life.

5, apply not only to new positions, also applies to the transformation of old warehouses, without damaging the floor civil investment and construction time.

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