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Food warehouse temperature control and ventilation technology and equipment
 Grain cooler
Smart ventilation systems and equipment
 Building positions in air duct
 A new electronic control air i
 The new energy-saving strong a
 The steel floor ventilation ca
 New thermal vents
 CZFK-200 type portable intelli
 Intelligent ventilation crossi
 Food-rich nitrogen hypoxia storage technology and equipment
 Intelligent mobile type gastig
 Grain circulation fumigation technology and equipment
 Fixed type circulation fumigat
 Mobile fumigation machine
 A new electronic control air i
 Movable lifting bagging machin
 Temperature measurement system and equipment of grain situation
 Food and out of positions to clean up the dust control technology and equipment
 Movable lifting bagging machin
 Edible oils and fats nitrogen preservation techniques and equipment
 Detection equipment and personal protective equipment
 Warehouse phosphine generator
 Material handling technology and equipment
 Mechatronics design and installation works
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Grain cooler


Henan Jinming Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in grain and oil storage machinery research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning of high-tech companies. Relying on Henan University of Technology (formerly Zhengzhou Institute of Food) domestic well-known experts and technical advantages and many domestic food institutes and the establishment of long-term technical cooperation mechanism, the company implemented a people-oriented, science and technology innovation strategy, and strive to gradually develop enterprises into a first-class talent, first-class technology , First-class products, first-class quality, first-class reputation, first-class image of high-tech science and technology enterprises, enterprises continue to improve visibility, technical level walk in the forefront of the industry. Talent-based company ...




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